Cinematic Expression Workshop - Italy, Fall 2019
Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Eloquence
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    Transforming Mind Image into the language of Film and Video.
    Through demonstration and hands-on, workshop addresses the issue of the relevance of the creative and technical Choices to address
    the story content. Choices of Lens, Cam Position, Color, Lighting Mood and Style are the basic tools of Cinematic Expression.
    The workshop concentrates on the methodical approach to realization of creative process and as such it is an invaluable tool for Directors
    and Directors of Photography in their pursuit of self expression. True nature of Artistic Process in cinematic expression is in the ability to
    follow on a preconceived idea - Mind Image - and materializing it with the help of tools of cinematography.
    Lighting from imagination without help of video monitor is at the core of cinematic expression in film and video. Mind Image is the beginning
    of creative process as what remains is to exploit the technical and creative in order to materialize it.
"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)   

    Cinematic Expression for Cinematographers and Directors

       Elements of Cinematic Expression - Demonstration / Hands on
                    Position, Movement - When, How and Why
                    Optical properties and expressive qualities
                    Depth of  Field - Focal Length, Aperture, Focus Distance
                    Lens choice - cinematic eloquence
                     "Psychological" attributes of Lens in Cinematic Expression
                    Element of Lighting Mood
                    Ambient Light  / Key Light Contrast Ratio - Mood Implication
                    Zone System of  Exposure - Translating of Mind Image - Film and Video
                    Fundamental elements of Cinematic Mood
                    Quality, Direction - Style and Mood relevance
                    Ambient versus Key - Contrast Ratio
                    Key Light Direction - Lighting Style
          Color -
                    Meaning / Symbolism / Psychology
                    Technical (Visual Spectrum) versus Cultural and Spiritual Attributes
           Dialogue -
                    Director / Director of Photography

           Camera - Monitor - Lighting - Demonstration / Hands on
                    Waveform Monitor - Grey Card Placement
                     Expanded Latitude - Color Gamut / RAW and Log Exposure
                     Log Gamma versus Film Gamma Characteristic Curve
                     18% Grey - Meaning and Log Code Value
            Lighting and Exposure
                     Light Meter - Incident / Reflected / Spot - Difference (When and Why)
                     Log Exposure
                     Elements of Lighting Mood
                     Lighting Contrast - Ambient and Key
                     Lighting Style
                     Lighting Setup - Broad versus Narrow - Style relevance - Suspense and Drama
           Lighting from Previsualization - Demonstration / Hands on
Dancing with Light Technique
                      Creative Lighting - Low Key - Chiaroscuro
                      Advanced Lighting and Exposure Techniques
                      Lighting  from Previsualization / Light Meter
                      Aesthetics and method of Low Key Style
                      Candle Light - Mood,
                      Night Table Light -  Mood
                      Dynamic Range of Zones of Exposure - Detail Control of In-frame Highlight
                      Lighting for Suspense and Drama
                      Value Control of In-Frame Highlight - Dynamic Range of Zones
                      Advanced Lighting from Previsualization -
Execution of students ideas
                      Dynamic Lighting for Actor's Block
                      Challenge of Dynamic Low Key
- Chiaroscuro
               Methods of Dynamic Low Key Lighting
      Exterior Light Control
                       Lighting Contrast Control
                       Lighting Ratio Control
                      "Reversing sun position"
                       With the Sun versus Against the Sun
                       Control of overexposed background
                       "Day for Night"

      Its a Wrap ( ! )

          Certificates and Glass of Chianti in Italian Garden
Reggello is in the Province of Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany, located 20 min drive from Florence. Divided between the famous hills of
Chianti and the beautiful mountains of Pratomagno. It's famous for extravirgin olive oil and Chianti wine production.
Florence Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore

Cinema Teatro  Excelsior -
Via  Alighieri 7, 50066 Reggello (FI)
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Oct, 2019

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