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Level: Advanced / Intermediate


Elements of
Cinematic Expression
           Lens - Optical and "Psychological" attributes
           Color - Expressive attributes of Color Contrast
           Exposure - Zone System of Exposure
           Light Meters and Methods of Measurement (Incident, Reflected, Spot - When and Why)
           18% Grey Card - Meaning and Zone System of Exposure (Film and Video)

 Lighting - Elements of Lighting Mood
           Lighting Setup - Broad Versus Narrow - Mood Relevance
           Lighting Style - Direction and the Quality of the Key Light
           Ambiance - Lighting Mood
           Lighting Contrast - Ambiance / Key Light
  Advanced Lighting from Previsualization
            Zone System of Exposure -
 Dancing with Light
            Dynamic Range of Zones of Exposure
            Lighting for Suspense and Drama
            F-Stop as a Scene Canvas
            Low Key Challenge - Static Low Key
            Chiaroscuro - Creative Low Key Lighting
                         Night / Int - Candle Light - Mood
                         Night / Int -  Table Light -  Mood (Control of Detail of the In-Frame Highlight)
             Low Key Challenge - Dynamic Low Key
             Dynamic Low Key  - Lighting for Actor's Movement

       Two Days workshop - Burbank, California

       Dec 4 - Dec 5, 2019         9:30 AM - 4:00 PM         Deposit By Nov 20, 2019

Film Workshop - Cinematic Expression
Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression
Los Angeles, 2019
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