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Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression
Cinematic expression workshop
Light Extreme
Film Workshops - Cinematography, Cinematic Expression

    Film Workshops. Technical and creative elements of cinematic expression.

    Students are taught the know-how of the Creative / Technical approach in the Process of Cinematic Expression
    which normally takes years of trial and error to acquire.

    Intensive hands-on with light and camera.
    The visual eloquence of a narrative requires synchronization between technical and artistic choices.
    Together they constitute the main aspect of the ever so elusive quality in art.

    Our cinematography workshops are about translating the Mind Image into the language of film.
    It is about lighting with light meter utilizing the Zone System of Exposure.
    Lighting as an artistic process without help of the monitor.

    "It's in this stone. I just need to chip it out" - Michelangelo Buonarroti

    Anyone with desire to move into a realm of "beyond" in cinematic expression encouraged to apply.