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"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)

    Digital Cinematography Training, Workshops in Cinematography and Camera Directing.
    Our Cinematography Training is unique in that it covers both, Technical and Artistic aspects of Cinematic Expression.
    Program consists of Lectures, Demos and hands-on with Light and Camera.
    Main purpose of cinematography workshops is to demonstrate methodology in Creative Process of Cinematic Expression.
    Students explore technical and artistic potential of Tools of Cinematography practicing classic method of Film Lighting in modern
    environment of RAW and LOG Exposure.
    Cinematic Expression is an artisan-like process involving hands and mind of cinematographer. Fundamental elements of visual
    narration - Mood / Lighting Ratio / Exposure Ratio / Light Quality / Light Direction (to name the few) can not be "whisked out" from
    within Raw unless they have been put in there by cinematographer. Our cinematography training addresses specifics of classic
    techniques of narrative cinematic expression in film and its application in digital cinematography. Cinematic Expression just like any
    creative process relies on materialization of an idea. In film as well as in digital cinematography it happens by lighting with Light Meter
    rather than by improvising with Video Monitor. Once cinematographer enters the Floor it is about execution of preconceived idea rather
    than relying on improvisation. Unfortunately, none of the basic and fundamental elements of cinematic expression can be created in
    post-production. Never mind the "secret" that real challenge is in the question of "Why" rather then "How".
    Engaging in true nature of creative process in Narrative Digital Cinematography requires going back to basics of Film Lighting and
    Exposure and understanding effect that choice of Digital Camera ISO has on distribution of encoded values within the Latitude.

    Dancing with Light technique leads to developing of one's personal style in cinematic expression.  Seeing in one's mind and ability to
    "bring it out" (Michelangelo) without help of video monitor constitutes the nature of creative process in Cinematic Expression. It is an
    invaluable tool for Directors and Cinematographers in their pursuit of artistic self-expression.
    In reference to merit in cinematic expression: The issue of "What" is given in script pages. Director's and Cinematographer's job is to
    express it with Choices that relating to question of "Why".
    At Light Extreme Cinematography Workshops we do aspire to make the contribution to student's sense of eloquence in Cinematic
    Expression. Anyone with desire to enter the "realm of beyond" in cinematic expression is encouraged to apply.
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