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"It's in this stone... I just need to bring it out"  Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1564)

    Workshops in Cinematography and Camera Directing.
    Our Cinematography Training is unique in that it covers both, Technical and Artistic aspects of
    Cinematic Expression. Program consists of Lectures, Demos and hands-on with Light and Camera.
    Main purpose of cinematography workshops is to demonstrate methodology of Creative Process
    through exploration of artistic potential of Tools of Cinematography: Light, Lens, Camera, Exposure
    (Zone System), Color.

    Dancing with Light technique leads to development of one's personal style in cinematic expression.
    Seeing in one's mind and the ability to "bring it out" (Michelangelo) without help of video monitor
    constitutes creative approach in Cinematic Expression. "Dancing with Light"  is an invaluable tool for
    Directors and Cinematographers in their pursuit of artistic self-expression. Light Extreme
    Cinematography Workshops do
    aspire to make contribution to student's sense of eloquence in cinematic expression.
    Anyone with desire to enter the "realm of beyond" in cinematic expression is encouraged to apply.